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Valuable Tips for Making your Car Last Longer

In a previous blog, we published some news about common car parts and how long they’re supposed to last. However, there are things you can do to better take care of your vehicle and make it last longer. Cars are expensive, so get more bang for your buck by following these tips on how to make your car last a Read the rest

2018 Bachelor of Commerce Scholarships at La Trobe University in Australia

The College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce at La Trobe University is offering Bachelor of Commerce scholarships to support domestic VCE students. These scholarships will be awarded to up to ten domestic students with highest ATARS above the minimum of 75.

La Trobe University is an Australian, multi-campus, public research university with its flagship campus located in the Melbourne Read the rest

Finnish Government Scholarship Pool programme 2018/2019 for study in Finland (EUR 1500 monthly allowance)

Application Deadline: February 15th 2018

The Finnish Government offers scholarships of 3-9 months for Doctoral level studies and research at Finnish universities or public research institutes.

The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool programme is open to young researchers from all academic fields. The scholarship cannot be applied for Master’s level studies or post-Doctoral studies/research.

How to Use the Healthcare Marketplace to Buy Insurance

The healthcare marketplace has made headlines for a long time and for a lot of reasons. Unfortunately, not a lot of that coverage has been devoted to explaining how to buy health insurance from the healthcare marketplace. As a matter of fact, there’s not a clear description of how it works.

To help you get health insurance coverage without getting Read the rest

Car Insurance Myths Debunked – MUST READ

There’s a lot of information and perceptions about car insurance out there; some are considered fundamental truths while others, when looked at more closely, often reveal that what we think to be true is simply a myth. The trouble with insurance myths is they can cost us money, or influence decisions we make.

1. Red cars are more expensive to Read the rest

How Are Your Auto Insurance Premiums Affected When Your Child Goes Away to School?

September is right around the corner and soon thousands of college and university students will be leaving the nest (and the car) behind. If your child is going away to school and is listed on your auto insurance policy, it’s time to give your auto insurer a call. It’s a call worth making as it could lead to a lower Read the rest

How to Protect Your Home When Going on Vacation – MUST READ

Who doesn’t love going on vacation? Before you enter R&R mode however, it’s important you take the necessary steps to protect your home from a break-in or accident while you’re away.

Simple ways to protect your home

The trick is to not draw attention to the fact that you’re going away and to create the impression that you’re still home. Read the rest

How your Car Insurance Policy is Affected by Tickets and Points

Every day CarInsurancecom receives questions about driving records and their influence on car insurance. Here are the answers to a few of the most common questions.
Why does the insurance company need to look at my driving record?

Your driving record is one of the rating factors that auto insurance companies review to decide if they will insure you, and Read the rest

The Real Truth About Microwaves Everyone In American Ignores – MuST READ

Over 90% of American homes have microwave ovens used for meal preparation.

Microwave ovens, originally sold as “Radaranges,” use technology that passes electromagnetic waves through food, exciting the molecules and causing them to move and heat up as they respond to the microwave radiation.

The first tube producing microwaves known as magnetron was invented during World War II, by two Read the rest

New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (And Only Kills Cancer Cells)

Ginger, cousin spice to one of the most powerful natural cures for multiple disease, has many different properties and uses. But did you know how powerful it really was when it comes to curing cancer?

Turmeric has widely been toted for its effect on cancer, but new research has shown that its cousin ginger is just as powerful. Not only Read the rest