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7 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Actually Aren’t

Unhealthy foods are one of the major reasons people fall sick, gain an alarming amount of weight and have weight gain issues. Jumia Travel shares 7 foods you think are healthy but actually aren’t. Please don’t be fooled by these misleading healthy foods…

Diet Soda
Drinking soda often, increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and prostate cancer; it also makes you eat more which can lead to obesity. You would think diet soda is better but it’s potentially worse. The artificial sweeteners in diet soda fool your body into thinking you’re eating real food, disrupts the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake and cause a spike in your insulin levels (because these sweeteners are actually much sweeter than actual sugar) which can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

Packaged Meat
Packaged meats are usually loaded with salt and preservatives, as a result they are basically a well-packaged sodium-saturated disaster. It’s best to avoid them and opt for fresh meat. However, if you need to buy packaged meat choose brands that don’t have more than 350mg of sodium per 2 oz serving.

5 Things That Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Tongue Daily

You brush your teeth daily. It is as white as snow. However, you don’t clean your tongue because you always forget. This is not good as you may be at risk of some mouth diseases. Brushing your teeth is therefore as important as flossing your tongue. This is because bacteria are oftentimes lurking around the tongue and the only way you can get rid of them is to brush. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 5 things that usually happens if you don’t clean your tongue.


Halitosis is also known as bad breath and it is one of the biggest consequences of not cleaning your tongue. When you don’t clean your tongue, the bacteria builds a house on it, lives there and if it stays longer than usual, it will give off a foul smell. If you have bad breath, you will discover that no one wants to talk to you.

Gum disease

When some people brush, their gum bleeds profusely. You would think they got punched or something. No, it is because they don’t brush their tongue. It is called Gingivitis and it makes your gum red, swollen, and quick to bleed.

6 Reasons You Should Replace Sugar With Honey Now

Sugar came in the middle of the night, chased away honey and became king in the morning. A classic case of usurpation. Today, it is so many people can’t do without sugar. In their morning tea, they must add several cubes of sugar. Regardless, no matter how widely spread the use of sugar, the fact remains that it is a sweetener that cannot be compared to any other. Hence, the recommendation that you should always take sugar rather than honey. Honey features sugar, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acid. If you have not been taking honey, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares the health benefits of taking honey. Expectedly, this will encourage taking honey more often.

Regulate blood sugar

Honey contains fructose and glucose that are needed to balance your blood sugar levels. So, the honey you take the better for your health and blood sugar. Importantly, there is no amount of honey you take that will raise your blood sugar level.

Proud Father Bathing His Newborn Baby

Proud Father Bathing His Newborn Baby

As seen on facebook…. You like?

WATCH: If You See This Label On The Fruit Do Not Buy It At Any Cost – This Is Why

Genetically modified foods (GMO foods) have been shown to cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment, and despite growing opposition, more and more foods continue to be genetically altered. reports.
It’s important to note that steering clear of these foods completely may be difficult, and you should merely try to find other sources than your big chain grocer.

If produce is certified USDA-organic, it’s non-GMO (or supposed to be!) Also, seek out local farmers and booths at farmer’s markets where you can be ensured that the crops aren’t GMO.

Look for the Numbers

There are numbers on the labels of fruits that show important information about the products in this case the fruit and it is called PLU or Product Looking Number.

Want To Make Your Face Look 10 Years Younger ? Use THIS Once A Week

Rice Beauty Benefits
Rice has long been associated with a healthy diet, however, it can also provide you with beauty benefits that you may not have realized. Rice possesses antioxidants which are known to help delay and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and to slow the process of aging. Rice powder is also used in certain Asian cultures to heal skin irritations and to treat

A Rice Mask
Do not worry, you will not be using whole rice grains plastered all over your face to reap the benefits of a rice mask. You will instead use rice water which is the liquid byproduct of cooking rice until it is soft. Here a traditional Japanese rice face mask recipe:
Over medium heat, cook two to three tablespoons of rice in cold water and cook until the rice softens. Drain the rice making sure to reserve the cooking liquid. In cold water, wash the cooked rice.

8 Health Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2017

It’s New Year – it is a fresh start. It should be a good opportunity for you to do away with certain things that endanger your health, and take measures on how to improve on your well-being. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid this year.

1. Being addicted to gadgets: Quite understandably that many of us cannot do without gadgets, but you need to take breaks sometimes to save your health. A 2011 Harvard review links prolonged television viewing with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all-cause mortality. More recently, researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston found that blue light—the kind emitted by tablets, cell phone, e-readers and other devices—disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythms, making it harder to get a good night’s rest.

Do well to take a 10-minute standing break every hour that you’re using your screens.

2. Skipping meals: If you are the type that skip meals often, you may need to reconsider your stance this year if you want to be healthy. It may seem to you that you’re food-disciplined, but no, over time, missing meals can muck with your metabolism, setting you up for type 2 diabetes. It is best to kick off the day with a healthy breakfast as it helps with weight loss; and gives you more energy and concentration throughout the day. Ensure you eat well this year to boost your body’s ability to heal and resist infection.

9 Reasons Why You Should Start Drinking Ginger Tea

“Are you searching for a way to give your immune system a boost, how about a drink that can relieve stress?” Well, ginger tea is the cure. For years, ginger has proved to be irreplaceable because of its medicinal effects, drinking ginger tea can give you relieve from uncomfortable conditions.

“Once made into tea, you can add peppermint, honey or lemon to mask the taste of the ginger”. Below are some reasons why you should start taking ginger tea now.

Relieve nausea and indigestion

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Eat The Cherry More Often

It is also called giant star apples based on the configuration of the seeds inside the fleshy fruit or Agbalumo/Udara based on local dialect.

The fruit which is botanically called Chrysophyllum albidum is found throughout tropical Africa, blooming between December and April in Nigeria.

The fruit is a favorite delicacy for adults and children alike as evident in its high rate of consumption when in season.

Like all other fruits and vegetables, the African cherry has a multitude of benefits that it offers on consumption.

First off, it has an excellent fiber and roughage content. The fibre content of African cherry provides bulk to your diet, making your stomach feel fuller for longer. This can help reduce your food intake and subsequently aid weight loss. This nutrient can also help protect you from diabetes and some forms of cancer.

Don’t Let Your Man Go If He Does These 10 Things

1. You’ve never had to question the way he feels about you

You’ve never been left wondering where you stand in his life, as he constantly reminds you that you mean the world to him- in words and deeds.

2. He’s the person you want to talk to after a rough day

No matter how good or bad it was, no matter how terribly you messed up, there’s no one you would rather share it with than him, because he’s tolerant of you, listens to you, actually understands and at the end of the discussion, you just better about everything.

3. Life is simply just better with him in it

Your life was remarkably beautiful before you met him, but since he came in, he has managed to make it more beautiful than you ever thought possible. Please, don’t leave him.