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If You See These 7 Symptoms, You Might Be Having Lung Cancer

We as a whole need to be sound however once in a while, the difficulties of life can keep us from playing out the therapeutic check-ups that we have to ensure your health is fine.
lung cancer signs

Beware of these signs that could mean you are suffering from lung cancer

Not being able to check in with your health practitioners often is not an excuse to forget to look out for signs that things are not working the way they should. Most illnesses usually begin as symptoms that are easy to ignore. Lung cancer, while a very serious illness, usually start with seemingly innocent symptoms.
To keep yourself safe, see a doctor if you are suffering from all or most of these symptoms as it could mean you are in the early stages of lung cancer.

1. Never-ending cough

You should be on the alert for a cough that lingers. Usually, cough associated with cold or infection will go away in a week or two. A persistent cough that lasts longer that this could be problematic. See a doctor so they can listen to your lungs or even have an X-ray done.
lung cancer signs


If You Do Any Of These 12 Things, Then You Have A Poor Person’s Mentality……(Mus Read)

You never really know you have a poverty mentality until you hang around rich people. So do you have a poor person mentality? Find out now….

Here are 12 ways to find out:

1. Constant search for cheaper alternatives

Cheaper is not always better, hence if you always go for the cheaper options to save some coins, you could be on the highway to a lifetime of poverty.
10 INCREDIBLE ways Kenyans deny themselves opportunities through poor people mentality

Cheap can be expensive as is the case with girls’ handbags

2. Obsession with free entries and ‘good deals’

If you are one who always lives for promotions and better deals for products, you are exactly the people corporations target to make poorer.

Poor people mentality

3. Constantly denying yourself of things

Buying a nice pair of shoes does not always mean you are rich. It could simply mean you can afford to spoil yourself once in a while. This can challenge you to be a better version of yourself financially.



Ladies and gentlemen, I really think that we can all agree on one thing – cancer is one of the most frightening diseases of our age. Unfortunately, the real and ugly truth is that everyone knows someone who’s had cancer, and it’s scary to think that it may happen to you too.

The experts say that modern science is still struggling to understand how cancer manifests itself and how to cure it. However, most researchers agree that chronic stress and inflammation plays a big role in the development of the deadly disease.

What to Eat to Prevent Cancer

The good thing is that anti-inflammatory compounds might hold the key to preventing cancer. Of course, it’s important to lead an active lifestyle and manage stress for best results. Many foods that help prevent the disease can be found in your spice cabinet.

How Turmeric Fights Cancer

Turmeric is awesome! It’s a powerful spice with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It actually contains one of the world’s most powerful non-pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory compounds. Many different studies on cancer cells have shown that curcumin has proven chemo-preventive effects. It seems to be able to kill cancer cells and prevent them from growing. It has the best effects on breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer and skin cancer cells. It’s also been proven effective against colon, prostate, ovarian, and brain cancer.


This Is Why You Should NEVER Put Your Feet On The Dashboard Of A Car

Long car rides can be boring and uncomfortable. If you’re traveling with small children, they can also be loud! Keeping children comfortable and entertained in the car is no small task. Many parents pack books and snacks, and allow their children to stretch out and get comfy.

Whatever helps keep the car ride from becoming a disaster. When all is finally quiet, it’s the passenger’s turn to relax and get more comfortable. If you’re a feet-up-on-the-dashboard kind of person, you’ll want to rethink it after hearing this story.

In August of 2010, 22-year-old Bethany was sitting in the passenger seat while her boyfriend drove the pair home from her aunt’s house in Michigan. They had just crossed into Oshawa in their 2002 Pontiac Sunfire when Bethany decided to stretch out to get more comfortable. She leaned the seat back, put her feet up on the dashboard and fell asleep.

A short time later, a vehicle in their path collided with a motorcycle. The collision caused a chain reaction. The semi-truck driver directly in front of Bethany’s Sunfire slammed on his brakes. Bethany’s boyfriend was unable to stop the car in time, and the Sunfire crashed into the semi-trunk in front of them.


3 Effective Beverages That Help You to Put an End to Joint Pain and Arthritis in a Natural Way

People suffering from arthritis are likely to have issues with the joints. The main problem causing the difficulty can be determined by the kind of arthritis the person suffers from. Basically, the problem is caused either by some kind of autoimmune infection, or as a result of damaged cartilage and lack of synovial fluid. Moreover, some factors combined together may cause the problem as well.

Anyway, arthritis is a very painful condition no matter what was it caused by. In this article, we present to you a natural solution which will help you reduce the pain.

Arthritis treatment with the help of juices

Many people consider juices a permanent solution for removing the pain in the joints since they are highly beneficial and don’t cause any side effects. In addition, with consumption of these juices, one will not only get rid of the pain, but will also enable refreshment and energy to the whole organism. It doesn’t matter how much you will drink because they are totally safe and healthy. Here are the most effective juice for treating arthritis:

Pineapple juice. It is rich in bromelain, an enzyme with strong anti-inflammatory properties, which is proved to be very effective in relieving pain in the joints. In addition, it helps in curing postoperative swelling and sports injuries as well. Pineapple provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals essential for its proper function. It is recommended to consume 300-500 ml of pineapple juice a day.


See What the way you sleep In the Night says About your life

Most of our communication is none verbal right? This goes to say that even while we are asleep, we give off messages about ourselves that we are not even aware of. According to a recent study, your sleeping position tells a lot about your personality traits. Here are six basic sleeping positions and what they say about you:

The Fetal position: This is the most common sleeping style obtainable. According to research, 41% of people take this sleeping style. This style involves sleeping in a fetal position, curled up on your side with your knees drawn up to your mid region. Sleepers in this category tend to be sensitive and shy though they present a tough exterior to the world.

The Solider position: This position involves sleeping on your back with your arms flat on your back. This is an indication of a reserved personality but with high standards and principles.

The Starfish Position: Lying on your back with arms outstretched indicates an open personality. This individual prefers to be in the background but they enjoy having a good time with friends.

The Freefall Position: The face down position as it is popularly known involves lying flat on one’s stomach with arms under head . This personality trait shows a gregarious person who might be extremely sensitive and shy of criticism.


Easy Ways To Identify FAKE Rice – MUST READ

There is confusion in the air with regards to whether the dreaded plastic rice is in Nigeria or not. But there is no need to be caught in the debate, you can check this thing yourself.

One of our reader sent this to me:

Mr Olu, I want to say something about plastic rice, maybe it can be of a little help.

It will be better for people to endeavor to check their rice before cooking, and it’s a simple step; just put a little rice in a silver spoon and place on fire for a while, if it melts then you know you have a case of Plastic Rice, that all.

Another way to check is to observe raw rice in cold water, if it’s floating unusually then it’s fake.


This Drink Defeats Anxiety & Helps You Lose Weight!

Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental illness in the United States. Anxiety affects around 40 million adults. While treatable, only about one-third of those suffering from anxiety actually receive treatment. If you struggle with controlling your anxiety but you don’t see medication as an option, there is a natural alternative that might be able to help.

A powerful and natural magnesium anti-anxiety elixir can help to lower your anxiety levels. On top of that, it can also balance the alkaline levels in your body and boost your energy. It can also aid in weight loss! With just a few simple ingredients, drinking this elixir can benefit your physical and mental health.

If you struggle with anxiety, you know that taking back control is important. By mixing just three ingredients, you can make a health-boosting tonic that can help put your health back on track. Here’s why this elixir works:

1. Magnesium


Magnesium is the second most abundant element found in human cells. It works to regulate over 300 enzymes in the body! It also aids in many bodily functions. Magnesium plays an important role in food metabolism, the synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and the transmission of nerve impulsive. Magnesium is one of the seven macrominerals considered essential for the body.



Okra, or lady finger is a North-East African plant that gained its popularity recently. It is cultivated in tropical and warm temperature regions for the fibrous fruits, also known as pods.
The plant itself contains:

30 calories;
21 mg of vitamin C;
3 gr of dietary fiber;
6 gr of carbohydrates;
2 gr of protein;
1 gr of fat;
80 micrograms folate;
60 ml of magnesium.

Whether you consume okra boiled, stewed, fried, or even in pickled form, you can reap the health benefits of this green vegetable any time of the year.



Guava has antiseptic, astringent and anthelmintic properties. The leaves of this plant are used to help heal wounds. They also have a great dental anesthetic power level, so they are used to effectively relieve toothache.

For this purpose you can cook some leaves in a pint of water, let stand and passed through a sieve, after this mouthwashes are made, which greatly improve pain.

But not only it works to relieve severe pain that usually present our bodies every day but it is also excellent to overcome once and for all those skin diseases that many concern.

Guava leaves to Beat Wrinkles – Worried about wrinkles, acne, blemishes, hypersensitivity or dark spots all over your face?

All things considered, do not have to get chemical medicines to get rid of them. A simple and normal for this solution are guava leaves.

Here are 4 amazing ways the sheet can help overcome these skin problems.