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MUST READ: How Petrol Attendants Cheat You In Filling Stations Without You Knowing

The rise in the price of petrol from ₦86.50/L to ₦145 Naira/L still leaves a heavy toll on Nigerians, most have gotten used to the excruciating fact that a litre of petrol now ₦145 Naira.

Sadly, as if the skyrocketing price of petrol isn’t enough, the ‘friendly’ fuel station attendants have found numerous tricks to add to their regular income, and undercut the customers who at the first place are paying through their noses.

The nefarious activity perpetrated by petrol attendants nationwide has gone unnoticed by many motorists as they drive into the filling stations to fill their tanks.

Fuel Station scams are not something new. There are plenty of foul plays which can leave you cheated at a fuel station.

Why do the petrol attendants cheat you?

First of all, the petrol attendants in Nigeria are one of the least paid in the country, infact an average petrol attendant is paid between ₦10,000 – ₦15,000 monthly, but a smart attendant can make his salary in one day by cheating customers.

4 Ways Women Control Men – MUST READ

Women are excellent at getting shit done. And one of the most effective ways that we’ve learned to accomplish our goals is by manipulating men into doing what we need them to do. If you want to appreciate the full strategic power of the female will, here are 4 ways that women subtly control men without the men ever realizing it…

1. Women treat men like children.

Do men sometimes act like children? Totally. But that doesn’t mean that women should reinforce that behavior by pandering to it. When a woman reacts to a grown man like he’s a seven year old, she might feel frustrated, but, in reality, she’s trying to force his hand or force the outcome that she wants.

If a woman can’t trust her man enough to let him do the grocery shopping or fold the laundry, it’s not that he CAN’T do it. (He’s a grown-up. He can.) She just wants those tasks done EXACTLY how she wants.

So rather than just leaving him to his own devices, she steps in, which, ultimately, makes more work for her and reinforces the guy’s suspicions that he can’t even accomplish basic tasks on his own.

Question Of The Day:- Who Knows The Answer To This Riddle? Some University Lecturers Failed It

Happy New Week to all Finegist,com– This Week will spoil us with Greatness and Upliftment. Amen 🙏🙏

Here is a Riddle for you guys. About 5 Lecturers tried solving it to no avail. But Trust Naijaloadites any day any time na, Them go Thrash am out 😄

My Girlfriend Donated Her Kidney To Save Me, But I’m No Longer In Love With Her Anymore. What Do I Do?

This world is just too full of Evil 😞 Why would you even think of paying back your helper with this Cruel rewards?

The Kind curse wey this guy don receive already for our Instagram page no be small thing ooo 😂😂😂

How could you even think of Deserting a Lady who helped you? Not just help self.. We laid down her own life just for you to be Alive? 😡😡

Even if she has a bad habit that is pissing you off, You should talk to her and not looking for how to dispose her off 😌

Nobody is begging you not to leave her ooo bros, but the Thunder wey go fire you and your Generation to come if you don’t return her Kidney ehn 😡 E go be Thunder from IraQ and Uganda joined together.

6 Life-saving Tips For Running A Power Generator At Home

In almost every home in Nigeria, you will find a generator because power is unstable. Some run their generator for 24 hours while others run it in the night. However, in recent times, we have heard of people dying because of generator fumes. It is unfortunate but true.

Obviously, this carbon monoxide is very harmful to the body.

In line with this, Jumia Travel shares lifesaving tips for running a generator at home.

Your generator should be far away from your window

As long as generators use dirty energy such fuel or diesel, it will always release fumes. So, it should be reasonably far away from your window. Do not say that because you tightly shut your window and doors, you want to place it beside it. It is dangerous.

Use your generator outdoor You will be shocked that some people in this country use their generator right in their parlour or sitting room. They don’t want to leave it outside for fear of it being stolen or because they are too lazy to go outside to switch it off. You are joking with your life if you continue with this practice.

This Truth Is Good For Everyone

Wanting to have it ALL at once usually land folks in trouble, because they compare themselves with those who are successful, forgetting that they passed through a process. They didn’t just fall into success. You can make it, but you will have to work it out, don’t just expect magic.

What You Should Do If You Mistakenly Swallow Fuel

Nigerians O Nigerians, my ever unique and mysterious people. Drop that hose you about to suck from and read this.

Though this is not common to only Nigerians, we do it a lot, even in situations that does not warrant it. So what if you mistakenly swallow fuel, what should you do ?

Before I get into this ,know that swallowing fuel can cause various things including loss of vision.
Lets get right in!

1. Be Calm
When this happens be calm , don’t panic unnecessarily. Just be calm and go to where there is fresh air and take deep calm breaths.
2. Don’t Try To Induce Vomiting
Induced or forced vomiting can actually do more harm than good as they can cause harm to the lungs, so don’t try to induce vomiting.

6 Ways The Social Media Can Ruin Your Life

Social media has become a part of our daily life and many of us cannot do without it. What you don’t know is that your addiction to social media is affecting your lives negatively. Read on to know how social media can ruin your life.

According to Jumia Travel, phone users should cut down on the hours they spend on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, for their own good. Here’s why…

Checking/updating every second
You have become so attached to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat that you are checking and updating them every second. The day you don’t access your accounts because you don’t have data, you become hysterical and irrational. It is not a matter of life and death.

Bragging about likes, followers and comments
The number of likes, followers and comments you have has become a thing to brag about and show off. The rule is that the more followers you have, the more traction and engagement you get. True, you do not have to boast about it. Some people go as far as buying likes, followers and even comments.

Lady Who Graduated With Third Class Shares Her Interesting Story

The pretty lady above, identified as Atinuke who’s the CEO of Gizzelles Place, has discussed how she bagged a Third Class degree at the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State despite starting high school as a top student.

Atinuke who is currently running a successful make-up business in Lagos has narrated her story on Instagram with the moral lesson that everyone deserves respect.

Read Atinuke’s touching story below:

Pree that Honors behind that class of degree. Yea, that’s 3rd class Honours, therefore ladies and gentlemen, don’t pronounce 3rd class without respect.

It’s 3rd class Honours! That was what I presented my parents with after 4 years of hardwork.

While some parents Will say “is that what all your mates are bringing home?” my parents knelt me down and prayed for me. Lemme take you on a quick trip to my educational background. I remember one afternoon when I ran to my mom’s shop in Iyana Ipaja garage with one of my books on my hand to show her that I can now write the number 8 correctly.

Bishop Oyedepo’s Wise Counsel On INSULTS

The founder of Winners Chapel said:

Don’t get angry because you’re insulted. I was insulted by other pastors on National Tv for 7 years but I was too busy forging ahead and getting bigger.

Someone asked if we should settle the fight; I said there was no fight. If one boxer enters the ring and there is no opponent, he will go home.

Of a truth, some people insult you just because they want you to react for them to have something to hold against you. Just ignore, if they have conscience they will realize and repent.