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Valuable Tips for Making your Car Last Longer

In a previous blog, we published some news about common car parts and how long they’re supposed to last. However, there are things you can do to better take care of your vehicle and make it last longer. Cars are expensive, so get more bang for your buck by following these tips on how to make your car last a little longer. Most of these are just regular, routine maintenance jobs that are easily performed by you or your mechanic.

Regularly Change the Fluids and Filters

Your vehicle’s fluids and filters aren’t limited to the oil and oil filter, which most people know need to be changed regularly. You also need to change the air filter and other fluids often. Your air filter helps your car engine “breathe” easier, which can help make your engine last longer. A clogged air filter means your engine is working harder to perform properly, which can also hurt your car’s fuel economy.Maintain the Cooling System

Keeping your car cool is important because if you don’t, your car could overheat and your engine could break down. Always keep the proper coolant levels, and maintaining the hoses helps keep your engine lubricated, which could save you from paying for expensive repairs down the road.

Check your Tires

A lot of people neglect to check their tire’s air pressure until it’s absolutely necessary, which can be dangerous and lead to a blowout. Most gas stations offer free air, so don’t hesitate to check your tire pressure the next time you’re fueling up. Consistent proper tire pressure can help your car’s fuel economy and prevent you from getting flat tires in the future.

Inspect Your Car Often

Every few weeks, take 5 minutes to walk around your car and inspect it. Check to see how much tread is on your tires, open up the hood to check your oil, and make sure all your lights are working. Also, pay attention to any lights that appear on your dashboard. Newer cars will alert you when there is an issue with things like oil pressure, or overheating. Simply paying attention can help prevent something more serious.

Schedule Routine Checkups

Find a mechanic you like and visit him or her often. It’s a good idea to keep the same mechanic so he or she is acquainted with your vehicle and driving habits. This will also help you stick to a maintenance schedule, as most mechanics will tell you exactly when you should come back. Mechanics are trained to look for certain issues that may not be obvious to someone who isn’t an industry professional.

Keep it Covered

When you’re not driving, try to store your car in a garage or under a car port or cover. Keeping it out of the sun will help keep your paint job looking fresher and less faded. You’ll also keep it away from birds and anything else that might damage your car.

Taking care of your car will make you feel good about driving it, and can even save you money. If you like saving money


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