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3 Unusual Foods That Give You Glowing Skin – MUST READ

Everyone desires a glowing skin which is achieved from “the inside out”.

The type of skin that would get everyone talking and tripping for you.

With the skin, what one takes in is what the skin gives out meaning no amount of skincare products can cater to a skin that’s not nourished via foods taken in, water and other healthy lifestyles.

However, there are certain unusual food we could use to keep our skin glowing.

These three foods do wonders for the skin. They could be taken as part of a meal or you could apply it directly on your skin.

Check out these three unusual food to keep your skin glowing;1. Oats

Oats has calming, soothing as well as moisturising properties. It’s perfect for skin conditions like eczema, irritation, irritation, inflammation and more. When looking to maintain your glowing skin, oats are definitely something to use.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut has amazing properties that keeps the skin looking great. It contains natural anti-fungal properties that helps balance skin without clogging pores. It also keeps the skin firm, smooth and soft.

Coconut oil
3. Walnuts

Crushed walnut shells are gentle enough to be used as mechanical exfoliants on the face or body. It keeps your skin glowing and is a perfect fit for babies’ smooth skin.

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