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B0MBSHELL: Gov Wike Vows To Increase The BP Of APC Leaders, See How He Wants To Do It

Governor Nyesom Wike has vowed to deal with the leadership of the All Progressives Congress

The governor, after receiving defecting members of the party in Rivers, stated that they would stand by the dismissed police officers

He has now vowed to make the already high blood pressure of the APC get even higher

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has launched a scathing attack on the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying that he will make their ‘already high’ blood pressure even higher.

Wike who made this declaration on Saturday, January 7 after receiving some defectors from the party to the state’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), noted that the people of Rivers will continue to stand by the six police officers dismissed by the police high command for reported misconduct during election in the state.

He noted that they would make sure justice is served in the case involving the police officers no matter how long it takes as he welcomed ex-APC chieftain, Cassidy Ikegbidi to PDP.

“They gave me policemen for my protection, but before I knew it, they have dismissed them. They think they are punishing them, but Rivers State will stand with them forever.

“By the time we finish, they will realise that they have favoured the so-called dismissed policemen. In Rivers State, we don’t abandon people. No amount of intimidation, will make me abandon these innocent policemen,” Wike stated.

In a report credited to Vanguard, the Rivers state governor stated categorically that the police officers were dismissed for committing an offence which is not known by law.

He said: “The Policemen committed no offence. Simply because they followed their boss, they said they should be dismissed.They want to discourage policemen from protecting me. For me, I am not worried. I am a village man and a grassroots politician. Before you kill me, you would have killed so many people.

“Nobody will intimidate me to change my mind. If you like bug my phone. As far as I will never plan coup, I will never be afraid. A man with the people will never beg those who are bent on intimidating us.

“The blood pressure of APC leaders is extremely high. I will continue to make their blood pressure grow higher. From now on, I have changed my name from high tension to Mr Project.”

Recall that it took the governor just a few hours to react to the withdrawal of the police officers after their dismissal was made public.

Wike alleged that the six policemen were sacked for protecting him during the election and in a statement by Austin Tam-George, the spokesperson for the governor, he described the action as a sad day for the Nigerian Police Force.

“The police officers were subjected to a secret and unfair trial, on totally fictitious charges of professional misconduct, during the rerun elections in Rivers State on the 10th of December 2016,” the statement read in part.

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