Breaking News : Consumption of ‘suya, isi-ewu, kilisi’ is K!lling Nigerians – Health‎ minister

Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, has lamented the rate of death in Nigeria resulting from unhealthy diet such as ‘isi ewu’ (spicy goat head) and the much loved suya.

According to Adewole, hypertension is the leading cardiovascular disease in Nigeria and can result in stroke if untreated.

He remarked that 1 in every 5 Nigerians is hypertensive and at risk of premature death.

Presenting the keynote address in Lagos, during the First Annual Black Tie Gala event organised by the Tristate Heart Foundation (THF), to raise N500 million in support of cardiovascular care in Nigeria, he observed that unhealthy diets contributed significantly to the development of non communicable diseases in Nigeria.

pepper-soupHe said,

“Sadly, there is widespread low consumption of proteins, fruits and vegetables and increasing patronage of fast food outlets by the population. There is also large promotion of sweetened products such as carbonated drinks, pastries, candies and other refined sugars, while excessive intake of salt is promoted by food additives such as monosodium glutamate common in delicacies such as suya, kilisi, isi-ewu, ngwo-ngwo, among others.”



We all want clean and glowing face. Nobody likes acne, pimples, redness, winkles, or strains. There are a thousand of cosmetic products on the market promising their quickly removal, but there is always a natural alternative too. Today we will talking about stains and will present you a natural remedy that will help you to get rid of those unwanted spots in a record time.

Stains are discoloration of the skin and may occur for various reasons, such as: hormonal imbalance, sun exposure, aging, post inflammatory or due to acne. Effect of hormonal imbalance on the skin color is most visible due to pregnancy, when a “face mask” or Melasma may occur – dark spots and marks on the nose and chicks area.

dark-spot-skinAlthough, sun may be essential for life, but is an enemy for our skin – UV light damages our skin, and besides wrinkles or even cancer, it is responsible in most of the cases for dark spots appearance on face and hands.


Photos Of 20-Year-Old Boy Marrying a 40-Year-Old Woman Sparks Outrage Online

According to a Facebook user, who is actually an Mc.

He shared the below picture of a wedding he attended, yesterday….

marriageNot new though, until you find out that, its a union between a 20 year old boy and a 40 year old woman.


How Fraudsters Hack Email, Defraud Man of N4million – A MUST READ

Three suspected Internet fraudsters have been arrested by the Lagos Police Command for allegedly defrauding an estate agent of about N4m.

The suspects – Olisa Oyegbuka, 28; Ifeannacho Kingsley, 27; and Ujumwa Aniemena, 33 – were said to have hacked into the email of an unnamed client of the estate agent.

They allegedly sent a message from the email to the agent, demanding the transfer of funds kept for the client by the estate agent into some accounts.

The fraud was later discovered after the owner of the account received alerts and subsequently called the agent to demand explanation for the flight of funds from his account.

The case was reported to operatives of the RRS which launched a manhunt for the suspects.

fraudstersAccording to Punch, the three suspects were arrested in Awka, Anambra State.


Husband Cries For HELP: Our Kids Don’t Look Like Me, they Are Fair, I am Dark

An estranged wife, Adenike Oyetoso, has dragged her husband before an Agege Customary court in Lagos, over allegations of ill-treatment and battery.

Adenike told the court that her husband, Gabriel, was irresponsible and does not cater for her and their two children.

She further added that her six-year-old marriage started having trouble when her husband started a new relationship with their neighbour.

“He started finding fault in everything I do. I became a dirty woman. He even told me that I irritate him anytime he sees me. He suddenly took to beating me and stopped discharging his fatherly duties to our children.

“I tried to reason with him and even reported to his family, but they took sides with him. His mother said that she had consulted a prophet who told her that I was responsible for her son’s misfortune.

family-2“I begged him to forgive me if I had done anything wrong but he said he does not want me or the children again. I am pleading with this court to end this marriage because I am still young and can’t remain married to a man who does not have feelings for me anymore,” she said.


SO SAD!! Dangote’s Senior Strategist Murdered, his B0DY Dumped in Gutter

A senior strategist with Dangote Industries Limited, Istifanus Bello Gurama, who was reportedly kidnapped three weeks ago, has been murdered by the heartless kidnappers.

Reliable sources confirmed that Mr. Gurama’s body was found in the gutter, adding that one of the kidnappers must have alerted a member of the public to where the body was.

Gurama was said to have been kidnapped three weeks ago, but news of his murder got to his family members (today) Monday.

Sources close to him told Punch that as a senior strategist, Gurama was in charge of negotiations and handing ransom payment to kidnappers whenever any of the expatriates in Dangote Industries was kidnapped.

dangote-1The day Gurama was allegedly kidnapped, he was said to have gone, as usual, to negotiate and pay ransom money for the release of one of the expatriates. However, on getting there, the kidnappers reportedly said he was the one they were after and he was subsequently grabbed.


Billionaire Lover & Mariah Carey’s Wedding Saga

Some say she’s not ready to marry him, others say she’s taking her time… Mariah Carey made a rather surprising decision on Sunday’s series premiere of her show Mariah’s World on E!

On the episode, Mariah was busy preparing for her tour and on top of that was planning her wedding to Billionaire James Packer. Again, after multiple talks with her manager Stella, Mariah decided the best thing to do would be to postpone the wedding.

After making the decision, Mariah had to make the phone call to James to tell him. “I don’t want to disappoint him,” Mariah told Stella before calling James.

entertainment-4So how did James react to Mariah’s decision? Your guess is as good as mine.


I’m Dating Him, We Seriously Planning To Get Married… then I discovered the secret

A young woman is currently grieving after discovering that her supposed fiance is married for 8 years with two kids. The lady who is based in Lagos shared her story with Joro Olumofin, saying she want other younger ladies to learn from her story.

love-1After discovering she was only being used for s*x, she contacted her lover’s wife and shared a heart to heart talk with her on social media. See all the details below:


Bola Tinubu Reacts To Reports He’s Set To Dump APC

National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has opened up on the news making the rounds that he is planning to start another party following the disunity in the APC.

tinubu-1Read his official reaction on the issue:

“I have devoted my political life to achieving what has been achieved. My heart is too much of the people and my mind too fixed on establishing a positive historic legacy… rather than engage in destructive pettiness,” he wrote.


So funny Little Emmanuella is at it again ”Who Drove Who?”… Lol – Mark Angel Comedy Series

This is one comedy video that will make you laugh without knowing when you laugh. Emmanuella and Mark Angel are shocked at a particular bill they are to pay and they react in a way that even the person they are to pay to could not believe what he was seeing and hearing.

emmanuella-comedyThis joy and laughter from this video is highly contagious and you will find it difficult to keep it to yourself, do well to share with family and friends and share the happiness.
Hilarious Emmanuella and Uncle Mark Angel in Taxi problems – Mark Angel Comedy